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NEW Baldassin "3 in 1" Underlever System

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The NEW Baldassin "3-in-1" Underlever System by Renner USA maintains the design of the original Renner USA Universal Underlever System, with the flexibility of adding capstans, either in the underlever or the tray, if desired.

This system enables the professional piano technician to completely replace or retrofit the grand piano damper back action in many fine, vintage, American grand pianos. The kit is produced in component form which allows the action to be custom tailored to fit the many different grand piano scales produced over the past 150 years.
The kit includes the underlever tray, the tray ending blocks, pivot pins, a complete set of underlevers (pre-drilled for optional and included capstans), flange screws, the wire flange keeper, tray cushion felt, stop rail cushion felt, damper lever assist springs, and a roll of mylar tape for creating the template.
A special commercial grade, extended shank, drill bit is available for creating the flange screw holes, and will remain precision sharp for many underlever system replacements.

The Baldassin "3-in-1" Underlever System can be used to replace most:

• Damper actions that are damaged or worn out.

• Damper actions without sockets in the top posts.

• Damper actions with fixed sostenuto tabs.

• Damper actions with "short arm" underlevers.

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