Dating American Style: Things you should know about dating an American girl

Dating American girls is great - and that’s why!

If you want to experience a real modern dating culture, then you should try dating an American girl! Though American dating is surrounded by tons of stereotypes, in reality, it’s not that complicated: Americans are looking for the same things in relationships as others, so being a good person is enough in most cases. At the same time, American girl dating has some peculiar moments that are worth knowing in advance - and we’ll help you understand these women deeper to have better chances with them. A good girl can make you happy, but you can be a good person and still ruin your chances to win her heart and install a good understanding - so let’s learn how to date American girls and what to expect from dating them.

It’s hard to pick only a few tips: every piece of advice can be quite important in different situations you may face while dating in the USA. The most crucial advice tends to be the most basic one: being respectful, loyal, and polite is essential for great dating, so start with making sure you have all of them. But what exactly that means for American dating?

  • Let’s start with the fact that most Americans are huge patriots who actually love their country. Healthy patriotism is about understanding that your motherland may have some disadvantages, but still being proud of its highlights, history, and people - and Americans have it. If you want to date an American girl, then you have to keep all anti-American thoughts to yourself: she won’t be happy to know that you dislike her country or disrespect it. Many Americans discuss politics and history, and not all of them are happy about these things - but it doesn’t mean that a foreigner is allowed to do the same. When asked about what your thoughts about America are, answer something general: mention the country’s natural beauty and diversity, speak about things you generally like. Most women don’t like talking about politics anyway, so skip these topics and discuss your interests and goals instead;
  • In the USA, casual dating is a thing - so make sure that a potential girlfriend you’ve met has the same intentions as you. An American dating girls often makes sure whether he’s interested in something serious or not, so if you are, then make it clear: it will save your time in case a woman isn’t looking for long-term relationships at the moment. Nowadays, American girls are free to date someone without intentions to have serious relationships or getting married: like everyone else, they feel that some people are just attractive and fun to spend time with while they’re looking for someone who can become their partner for life. You can be a great guy who has everything a girl can dream of, but if you’re not her type, then she won’t stay with you for a long time: she might give you a chance, but when she understands that you’re not a perfect man for her, she will leave;
  • If you want to meet an American girl for dating, then you don’t have to visit the USA in the first place: foreigners tend to meet their potential partners online, because it saves time a lot. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and uses Internet daily, so it makes a lot of sense: it’s much easier and faster to create an account and start messaging attractive singles, than to approach random people in real life and ask them out. A good dating platform is a shortcut to happiness: with all the convenient features a dating site can offer, you can come across lots of attractive single women from the USA more effectively wherever you are. Therefore, don’t neglect this opportunity: it’s extremely popular among Americans to use dating sites, so you can actually meet many potential partners while relaxing at home, having a break at work, or having some spare time after a workout;
  • Some people interested in how to date an American girl may find out that it’s actually pretty easy - sometimes even easier than in other countries. Lots of American women are actually pretty naive: a person from a loving family that has never had to struggle to make ends meet doesn’t see potential dangers, suspicious details, and controversial points everywhere. Lots of Americans actually trust people and believe them, they are open-minded, friendly, and often pretty selfless: it’s normal for them to help others and be genuinely interested in making everyone happy. The thing is, you should never abuse these traits of their characters. Even naive and responsive people can change their minds quickly when they understand that other people use them, and it leads to them becoming more restrained and cold. If you want to have a friendly, cute, open, and generally pleasant girlfriend, then don’t test her patience;
  • Some Americans are afraid to start dating foreigners because of the gold-diggers: though they understand that not every person living abroad they meet online is like that, they’ve heard many stories of partners abroad who use their American girlfriends and boyfriends for money. An American woman wants her man to be self-supportive and stable: she doesn’t work to provide for both herself and her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to pay for him at restaurants, and she wants to have some gifts and flowers sometimes: these things may sound pretty normal and usual in many countries, but nowadays lots of men don’t want to spend a dollar on their women. American ladies don’t need their boyfriends to waste tons of money on them (unless they’re gold-diggers themselves), but they need to know that their men can make their own money and be potential husbands and providers in the future;
  • Loyalty is valued and appreciated. While some people who are only interested in casual dating can flirt and spend time with multiple partners, women who are looking for something real and lasting won’t tolerate cheating - just like anywhere else in the world. If you expect your American girlfriend to be true and loyal to you, then give her the same attitude - and she’ll love it. Even nowadays, when casual dating and hookups are so widespread (they have always been there, though), loyalty and long-term relationships are still necessary and required, and lots of people appreciate them even more because they are rarer than they used to be.