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About Renner USA

In 1988, Lloyd Meyer established Renner USA, a division of L.W. Meyer & Company, to provide a stronger presence in North America and to create a U.S. based facility for the research and development of special piano action parts and tools specifically designed for vintage American pianos. These include original dimensioned piano action replacement parts for Baldwin, Chickering, Knabe, Mason & Hamlin, Steinway, and other fine American pianos.

The company also provides original replacement parts for the great European piano makers, including Bechstein, Blüthner, Bösendofer, Estonia, Fazioli, August Förster, Grotrian Steinweg, Steinway Hamburg, Schimmel, Seiler, Wilh, Steinberg, Steingräber & Söhne, and the better quality Asian piano producers.

Particularly in demand, are the top of the line Premium Blue Classic and Premium Blue Point piano hammerheads which do not require the addition of lacquers or other artificial impregnation of hardeners; and special tools which have been developed for fine regulating.

Renner USA was selected by The Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) to produce their official grand piano action testing model which is used exclusively in the test process leading to the distinguished achievement of Registered Piano technician (RPT). Renner also supports this important organization in conducting a series of technical seminars across the country to their membership.

Renner USA, North American distributor for Renner Piano Actions and Hammerheads.

Renner USA, Scottsdale, AZ