Grand Piano Wippen Guide

Features of our Wippen Designs

Our wippens feature precision machined regulating screws and graduated spring tension for optimum regulation. On fine quality pianos this amazing action mechanism, perfected over a period of 300 years, is made from all natural living materials like fine woods, felt, and leather which depend on small action centers to precisely control their motion. These specific tolerances must also move naturally with the environment.

1. Fine Adjustment Screws
Some of our wippen designs include this feature designed for superior fine adjustments after initial rough regulations. Also prevents butterfly spring from wearing a noisy groove in the repetition lever.
2. Regulating Screws
Our wippens feature a precision machined regulation screw with graduated tension for optimum regulation.
3. The Butterfly Spring
Engineered and hand adjusted at the factories for maximum strength and precision in order to ensure the most finely tuned and durable regulation possible. *see additional info below
Renner Piano Action Wippen Diagram and Guide
4. Action Center
Over the average lifetime of a piano, the piano keys may be played millions of times, activating the hundreds of small levers which transmit the energy from the finger of the performer to the hammerhead which strikes the strings, producing the sound you hear.

5. The Spoon
Unique design includes a large, easily adjusted surface with adjustment arm ribbed at the base and deeply inset for maximum regulation precision and durability.

6. Universal Wippen
The flexibility of this unique design allows accurate replacement of piano actions for those very special pianos no longer in production and for which replacement parts are not available.

7. High Definition Flange
The high definition flange we invented over 30 years ago provides a more accurate flange seating on the many different rails produced over the years for both vintage & modern pianos, creating stability in the action and a more accurate transmission of power from key to string.
8. Hornbeam Wood
One of the advantages of the action parts offered by Lloyd Meyer & Company, LLC and Renner USA is the use of a special wood called Weissbuche, or Hornbeam in English, which is naturally air-dried and aged to provide stability over many years.
Our superior wippen designs, made exclusively in Germany from the finest quality materials, are among the reasons our products are preferred by the world’s finest quality piano makers and rebuilders.

* All of our German made wippens have three butterfly spring diameters in each set to accommodate the decrease in hammer weight from bass to treble. In order to preserve the proper progression of spring sizes, the wippens must be kept in order when removed from the box. In some sets, the first and last wippen from each section are numbered. In those sets, the bass section includes notes 1-40; the middle section notes 41-70; and the top section notes 71-88. One extra bass and treble wippen (numbered 89) are also included. In other sets, the spring thicknesses are indicated by lines on the undersides of the wippens as follows: 3 lines = bass; 2 lines = tenor; 1 line = treble.

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