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Renner Piano Hammer Services

Renner USA offers comprehensive piano hammer services at their state-of-the-art Arizona technical shop, including boring, pre-filing, pre-voicing, side tapering, and hanging to shanks.

Renner Piano Hammer Services: Boring, Shaping and Tailing

Boring, Shaping and Tailing

We can custom bore all Renner hammerheads to the particular specifications of any grand or upright piano, to fit any diameter hammer shank, including the tapering and tailing of the hammer molding to the proper radius. We have all the standard factory boring specifications for Steinway, Baldwin, and Mason & Hamlin pianos, and do not require hammer samples for those instruments. For other pianos, we would need either the boring specifications or sample hammers from which we can determine the correct specifications.
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Renner Piano Hammer Services: Pre-Filing and Pre-Voicing

Pre-Filing and Pre-Voicing

For the ultimate in “out of the box” convenience the hammerheads can also be pre-filed and pre-voiced. When the hammers are cut apart, tension is released where the felt has been cut, causing a “cupped” shape on the top of the hammer. This “cupped” shape must be removed to produce good tone. The most efficient way to do this is to “gang file” the hammers before they are hung. This is a basic procedure performed on all quality hammerheads taken out of the box, prior to final voicing, and is available from Renner USA.

Renner Piano Hammer Services: Full Side Tapering

Full Side Tapering

To improve side clearance and to reduce weight Renner USA can precisely taper each hammer. This taper, extending the whole length of the hammer from the crown to the tail, recreates the configuration found on fine American grands from the classic era.

Renner Piano Hammer Services: Hanging Hammers to Shanks

Hanging Hammers to Shanks

Renner USA will hang any style of Renner hammers to any style of Renner grand hammer shanks. Our hammer hanging services are available to technicians in two levels of precision. The most common method is the Factory Level Placement, where the hammers are hung to a uniform and fixed distance on the shank. This is the procedure used by most piano factories and is adequate for many situations. Custom Level Placement is a higher level service which preserves the original placement of the hammers, which is important for vintage Steinway and other quality pianos. With this process, we duplicate the original samples to determine the original strike points. There is no additional charge for this special service which achieves the highest standard of accuracy.