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Piano Action Sample Parts Kit

 The Renner USA Sample Parts Kit can help solve the common problem of identifying and sourcing the correct replacement parts for most vintage pianos. Containing an assortment of over 40 original dimension wippens, shanks and flanges, hammers, damper felt samples, and other internal piano parts, technicians can test fit actual parts inside the piano to determine the best fit. This is critically important in order to maintain the original design and excellence of the instrument, particularly with vintage Steinway and other quality pianos, due to the way they were handcrafted at that time.

Original dimension Renner action parts for Steinway grand pianos include three different executions of shanks & flanges and two different wippens, to accommodate the different configurations over the years including current. There are also different executions of wippens and shanks & flanges for Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Boesendorfer, Bechstein, and others, depending on the model and year manufactured. For pianos where original dimensioned parts are no longer available, Renner USA offers parts that can be custom fitted to many particular pianos. For example, the Renner Universal Wippen offers multiple heel size options that can be configured to produce 15 different executions that fit most vintage American and European pianos, as well as many Asian made pianos.

The Renner USA Parts Kit is available to professional piano technicians FREE of charge with the first purchase of a complete set of action parts (wippens, shanks, flanges and hammerheads). Or, the kit may be purchased for $325.00, plus shipping, which could then be credited back with the first complete order.

Renner USA piano action parts kit.
Renner USA sample piano action parts kit.