How does the variance of slot machines depend on the maximum odds?

Risk assessment is a necessary preparatory activity before playing any slot. Too risky slot machines should be avoided, because the probability of losing in them is higher than the chance of winning. Give an objective assessment of the risk of a slot machine without knowing its level of dispersion is almost impossible. In turn, to assess the dispersion of payments, you should pay attention to the value of the maximum coefficient.

What is the variance of slot machines

All casino online Australia slot machines contains several dozen payout coefficients: one for each winning combination. Among these ratios there is always room for one, the highest, which often applies to a combination of five wild symbols. To find the most expensive winning combination and its corresponding odds, go to the "Paytable" section using the Paytable button. It can be located not only on the control panel, but also in another part of the screen - for example, in the upper left or right corner of the playing field. Under "Paytable" there are all winning combinations with the payout odds for each of them. The highest paying combination, as a rule, is given first, that is located on the main page of the section. Beside her you can see the maximum payout ratio, which is used to determine the amount of payouts for the most expensive sequence of symbols.

A decisive factor in assessing the level of dispersion of the slot machine is the numerical value of the maximum ratio. The division of all slots on the low, medium and high dispersion is produced by the criterion of belonging to the maximum ratio of a certain range of values. Thus, low-dispersion slot machines are called, the maximum odds which do not reach the value of 5000. The category of slots with medium variance are all machines with a maximum ratio of 5000 to 10000. When the value of the maximum multiplier is more than 10000, the dispersion of the slot machine is high. It should be noted that slots with different payout dispersion levels require different settings and game strategies. They have different "character" and payout statistics. High variance is a synonym for rare but big winnings, and low variance is a synonym for frequent but small winnings.