How to repair a scripting staircase from below?

When the staircase is wearing and creaks under countless legs, do not think that it is meaningless to repair it. The creaking on the stairs is caused by the movement between risers and coming, which can have loose wedges, blocks or connections. When wedges, blocks or connections are weakened, risers and sticking can be drowning on each other, which leads to violines and screams. Distribution does not pose a danger to people who enjoy a staircase, but the creak can annoy. Often, timely renovation allows you to preserve the silence of the stairs for a few more years.


Stand up under the stairs. Let anyone slowly go up and down the stairs, stopping at each step. Listen to the screen of steps and pay attention to the movement of wood. Ask the Assistant several times to step on a creamy sticky, and then mark the stupid steps or chalk.


Remove the vertical and horizontal wedges from the marked steps with the help of the chisel. Remove the wedges slowly and carefully not to damage them.


Inspect the state of the wedges. If the wedges look worn or old, cut out new wedges of solid wood. Remove the old glue from the existing wedges using emery paper with a grain grace 600, gluing glue until it is leveling.


Apply glue for wood on the junctions of the wedges, then install them between the boosters, riser and coming. First install vertical wedges, then horizontal.


Remove triangular blocks installed in the corner between coming and riser. Clean the glue from the blocks of sandpaper with graininess 600, grinding glue to alignment, then remove the glue on the rear surfaces of coming and risers.


Coline the chisel between coming and riser. Sull the construction glue into the joint. Drive 3.8-centimeter screws in sticking and in the risers if the risers overlap the rear edges of coming.


Fill in all the gaps between the risers and the emergence of solid wood conical gaskets. Cover the narrow end of the gasket with glue for the tree, and then take them into the joints before the dense fit.


Apply the glue for the tree to the blocks and press them into the angle between coming and riser. Drill in the holes in the holes, then securely attach the blocks to the prompt and risers with screws. Do not go along the stairs for a few hours to give glue to dry. Join Fantasy Leagues And Win Exciting Bonus. 100% Safe And Secure App 1xbet Promo Code is essentially devoid of charges, knowing about such evidential tip affords punters ample chances to wager gainfully. Create an account on 1x Bet. Indeed, we can conclude, 1xBet India is the best offer for gambling online. 1xBet promotion code India applies. A minimum deposit of 75 INR. You can get a maximum of 100% first deposit bonus of up to 8000 INR and in exclusive offer. 1xbet India does not stop there when it comes to promotions availed to you.