Betting on Fortnite: types and features

Фортнайт v17.00 - что нового в фортнайт 7 сезон - обновление

To date, bookmakers offer not the widest line on this cybersports discipline. Important to choose the best fortnite betting sites. Bettors can bet on:

Victory in the match. The most unpredictable outcome to predict, because the success of the athlete depends on chance and luck - whether he will find the resources, a good weapon and have time to build a solid fortification. Odds on the outcome start at 7.00.
Getting to the top. Bookmakers offer 4 main variants of the spread (TOP-50, 25,10 and 5). It is much easier to analyze the approximate result and there is less risk.

Total kills. It is necessary to predict the approximate number of phrases, the selected cyber athlete.
Above/lower. The bookmaker forms pairs of players, and the bettor must predict which of them will leave the battle royal later.
Also, some betting shops give the opportunity to bet on the winner of the tournament, who will be in the final and will take the top 2 or will be in the top 3.

Betting features:

No underdogs or favorites. There are a hundred players on the island who have almost equal odds of success.
The instability of the scene. Guys on fortnite is not suitable for permanent earnings, because betting on the streamer matches is risky, and there are few major championships.

Characters and style of play. For example, constructors will never play aggressively and are more likely to rank higher than a ninja or soldier.

What to pay attention to when placing a bet?

Before you start betting, you need to analyze several important factors:

  • The prestige of the competition. If the battle is in the format of a show match, the cyber-sportman can afford to play not at full strength, and coming to the world championship to show very different results.
  • Map. Fortnite has a large number of locations that are very different, so some gamers can play worse or better.
  • Game updates. Each time the developers add new characters and maps to their brainchild and change the mechanics.