Conqueror Tanks in Universe at War: Earth Assault

You should remember what needs to be done to ensure the safe expansion of your base. I will only tell you about the additional challenges that you will have to face in order to win. I assume you've decided to switch to dark energy mode. The only exception would be if you had the Inquisitor's squads at your disposal. I suspect you only have Conqueror tanks, so you can protect them with the best shields. You will also need to build a skirmisher portal building to be able to defend the base from enemy air attacks. This should be done almost immediately, because your enemy will try to attack you with flying saucers. You only need a few student units to attack the saucers, and eventually they have to return to the Hierarchy base.

Just make sure you select these targets for your student units, because they may not be able to destroy the targets on their own. Don't worry about the Monolith units and don't waste time trying to stop them from scanning your base. You should also take an interest in defending your buildings because your opponent will use ground units to attack you. Focus mainly on killing Rough Units, as they are capable of doing serious damage. You will have to prevent them from getting too close to your buildings. Also, keep shooting at the Defiler units because they will be able to poison your units with deadly radiation. because your opponent will attack you with ground units. Focus mainly on killing Rough Units, as they are capable of doing serious damage.

Obviously, you will have to start building your army. As before, I would recommend buying a lot of Conqueror tanks. You should also consider building several Sky Guardian towers at your base. You will need to place them to the east and southeast of the main buildings, because that's where enemy units usually appear. Also, don't forget to purchase a Matter Controller building and start charging your superweapon. Now you have two options: you can build several turrets or leave 3-6 Conquerors to protect your base. As for the rest of your army, start moving it to the east. Cross the first bridge. But be careful. There is a military tower here and it is probably occupied by the forces of Hierarchy. Play bitcoin slots at bc games online crypto casino online.