Decking – special tile modules. Wooden flooring has gained wide popularity in landscape design and private construction.

It is widely used for the beautification of patios, coastal locations of outdoor pools and other artificial reservoirs. Bath terraces, verandas and huge loggias are often transformed with the help of decking. There are several types of modules.
Decking from an array

The oldest type of materials used to popularize modules as such. In fact, the massive decking is a board made of solid conglomerates of wood.

Most often larch and ash are used, a little less often oak. For lovers of exotics, an array of tropical trees is offered.

The material is valued for its excellent operational qualities: moisture resistance, pleasant natural texture, the ability to create a pleasant microclimate. In order for practicality to be combined with excellent decorative qualities, such a formwork requires constant care: impregnation, treatment with oils and wax.
Thermal wood decking

The base for future tile modules is sent to a special environment. The wood is located in an oxygen-free space, is subject to steam treatment and high temperature. Due to this, wooden blanks completely give away the moisture contained in their structure and improve their decorative and operational qualities.

Thermal wood decking is not afraid of moisture, does not succumb to putrefactive processes and mold formation and does not deform. He is not afraid of ultraviolet light and sudden temperature changes. After processing, decking turns out to be especially valuable as an original decor.
Decking made of composite wood and polymer

This type of models is the most common today and is characterized by a special technological process of production. The composite consists of wood pulp (fine sawdust) and special impurities based on modern high-quality plastic.

Such an exotic symbiosis allows you to get excellent material for long-term operation. WPC modules do not require special care. Impeccable appearance and performance are always on top, even if the flooring is in the most extreme conditions. This is an ideal solution for outdoor locations and landscape areas where the level of mechanical, physical and chemical loads is the highest. Embark on a golden journey of unforgettable gaming adventures at Goldenstar casino and be rewarded like never before.