Folk methods for determining the floor of the future child

As a great learn about the birth of a new life and the baby will soon appear in the family. Who will it be? It is this question that parents are puzzled since the innovation of the pregnancy.

Of course, the most accurate result shows an ultrasound study, but sometimes for some reason it is impossible to use this method.

There is a good alternative - if you do not wait quickly to learn the gender floor, the folk methods will help. They do not guarantee one hundred percent result, but it is worth noting a high percentage of coincidences, many couples, thus identified the sex of the future child. Consider the most popular methods.

The "key" is a fairly simple way, you need to put a key on the table, which has a rounded upper part and a long leg, and ask for a pregnant woman to take it. If the future mother will raise the key for the round part, then it is worth waiting for the girl, if behind the leg, then the boy.

It is worth noting - the method has one surprise, it is believed to take the key for the middle of this is a faithful sign of twins. Therefore, it will be better to define the middle of the key in advance so as not to cause bewilderment and the extreme surprise of relatives. The main condition of the method is pregnant should not know the conditions, otherwise it will deliberately take over the desired part of the key.

"First word" - this method is perfect for pairs, where the family already has a child. The essence of the "first word" is simple, you need to remember the first word of the older baby - it will be the key to the randering of the floor of a not yet born baby. So, if the first word "mother" is a sure sign that there will be a girl if the first "dad" sounded - wait for the boy.

"Wedding ring". The main subject of the method is how you already guessed the wedding ring. We take a thread, stretch it through the ring of a pregnant woman, after which the woman hangs the ring over the palm and begins to watch. The ring moves in a circle - a sign of the daughter, the movement of the transverse - there will be a son.

Method using milk, optimally, if it is fresh and with a small shelf life. This method is used when the term of pregnancy is more than ten weeks. It is necessary to mix the urine subject with milk in proportion one to one, then you need to rip the mixture. Milk curled - a faithful sign of the girl, if not, then there will be a boy.

The last method is the reaction of a small child for a pregnant woman. Need a boy under the age of 1, which can walk. It is considered that if a child goes to pregnant interest, she wears a girl, if the child is full of ignoring - it is worth waiting for a boy.

Of course, there are cases when the result of the method is faithful, but should not be neglected by the help of specialists. Only first-class doctors and good medical equipment make it possible to accurately determine the floor of the future kid. The reason for the success of this bet is easily explained: the opportunity is clear compared to some of its competitors and impressive sporting events where you can make bets. 1xBet Promo Code for India and using this when creating your account will make you eligible for an exclusive bonus up to 13000 INR for the sportsbook. Confirm your registration by clicking on the verification email from the bookie; Claim your welcome bonus 13,000 INR. Create an account on 1x Bet. Indeed, we can conclude, 1xBet India is the best offer for gambling online. 1xbet India Bonus Offers 2022.