Rest with the baby: we plan a trip

Parents try to spend every free minute with their own child. It is natural that they do not separate from the kids during the vacation. However, in order for the vacation to go well, you must carefully plan it. Setting leave with the child may be a difficult task, but this is not necessarily like that. If your child is still very small, you can plan a trip that will allow you to stay near the house. A weekend or even week -old vacation can be no less pleasant than a long flight and a long stay far from the house. Travel to the warm sea always implies acclimatization. Therefore, with a very small child, you should not go to an exotic country, its body will adapt for a long time to an unusual climate and change of clock belts. Go to Sochi - the soft climate of the resort will have a beneficial effect on the baby. Do not forget that the trip will be quite long. The child’s body should not only have time to adapt well to new conditions, but also get stronger. Two to three weeks-this is the optimal duration of rest at sea. You will have time to relax and gain strength. A small traveler will demand a fairly large baggage. It will include: personal “transport” - stroller, pot, diapers, baby food, hygienic napkins, toys. It will also be required a lot of clothing, even in warm resorts the weather cannot be predicted. A noble moment is the choice of a hotel. When booking the room, be sure to specify what additional services are provided for children. Plus, choose the option of living that will be as close as possible to the sea. Daily walks in the heat to the beach are a difficult test for a turist baby. Do not in which do not try to break the daily routine for the crumbs. He must eat at the same hours and sleep at the same time as at home. Therefore, it is possible that you will have to abandon some exciting, but long excursions. However, many hotels offer nanny services that can sit with the tiny during the day. Specify this. In the time of voyage, the child should eat only the usual food and nothing else. Otherwise, digestive problems will be inevitable. Therefore, do not experiment. If the baby does not eat adult food yet, give him his favorite baby food. It is not necessary to carry jars with you, just take a stock for several days, and then buy the like in local supermarkets. Problems with this, as a rule, do not arise. If you provide all the little things, the rest will pass wonderful. casino sites uk